About Gregory T. Fried Concrete, Inc.

Architectural Concrete Products and Services

bomanite-concreteThe key to success with any concrete project is working with a contractor that has extensive hands-on training and experience. With 29 years in the concrete industry, Gregory T. Fried Concrete Contractors, Inc. (GTFInc.) has built an outstanding reputation as the premier architectural concrete contractor chosen by engineers, architects, and business and homeowners throughout Pennsylvania and surrounding areas.

Greg Fried began specializing in architectural concrete in 1987 after being introduced to The Bomanite Company, a world leader in decorative concrete products. As a Licensed Bomanite Contractor, GTFInc. is able to offer the highest standards of quality and service teamed with Bomanite’s ongoing training and exemplary product development. This unique merger allows GTFInc. to offer innovative products and creative design options with Bomanite Imprinted Systems, Exposed Aggregate Systems, Grasscrete Systems, Topping Systems and Polishing Systems and to continuously remain one step ahead of the competition.

In 1994, GTFInc. added Custom Rock concrete formliners to our product line, becoming Custom Rock’s exclusive Pennsylvania distributor. As a leading manufacturer of architectural formliners, the partnership with Custom Rock allows GTFInc. to sell the highest quality and distinctively detailed formliner products in the industry, providing versatility for every type of vertical concrete design application, and unparalleled customer service.

eric4imageIn addition, no vertical concrete project is complete without coloration and staining. GTFInc. provides the highest quality industry-tested and approved stain and protective coating system for every architectural and plain concrete project, from bridges and retaining walls to sound barriers and buildings.

For your heavy highway, commercial, or residential project, contact us first. With our full line of quality products and services and our professionally trained, American Concrete Institute (ACI)- certified foremen, finishers, and laborers, GTFInc. has the expertise you need to complete your job on time and with the highest quality craftsmanship in the concrete industry today. We will show you why GTFInc. is your architectural concrete contractor of choice.

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