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Architectural Concrete Systems— Pennsylvania

For over 50 years, Bomanite’s name has been synonymous with innovation and development of decorative concrete. Bomanite is a quality product installed by quality people and since 1987, Gregory T. Fried Concrete Contractors, Inc. (GTFInc.) is proud to be a Licensed Bomanite Contractor. Only Bomanite Contractors have access to Bomanite products, systems, innovative technology, training, and tools.

Bring us your decorative concrete design ideas or job specifications and we can show you how GTFInc. and Bomanite’s creative design options can take your project from ordinary to extraordinary!

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Bomanite Imprint Systems

Bomanite Imprint Systems are cast-in-place concrete flooring & paving that add a distinctive architectural touch to any project, together with the durability to stand up to the toughest traffic loads and environmental conditions. Bomanite and Bomacron give you more than 100 patterns and custom tooling options including natural textured slate, granite, limestone, sandstone, cobblestone, and used brick and a wide variety of standard and custom coloring options. Concrete Graphics provide the creative freedom to make a bold statement and create unique graphic paving designs through unlimited combinations of geometric graphic patterns and colors. When you specify architectural paving, accept no substitutes.

Bomanite Exposed Aggregate Systems

Bomanite Exposed Aggregate Systems bring this vintage decorative concrete option back into the forefront of the industry with innovative systems and longer-lasting products. Bomanite Sandscape® Texture and Bomanite Revealed™ offer a variety of modernized mixes and an unlimited palette of colors, textures, and aggregate options to choose from, providing cost-effective solutions that are more durable than ever with the beauty you desire.

Bomanite Topping Systems

Bomanite Toppings Systems are a revolutionary approach to designing with architectural concrete. Composed of Patène Artectura, Micro-Top, Micro-Top XT, Thin-Set, Florspartic, Broadcast Aggregate, Broadcast Flake, Bomanite Toppings Systems are capable of turning any stable substrate into a prize-winning work of art at a fraction of the time and cost normally associated with elaborate forming and design work. Bomanite’s Topping Systems can be used on interior or exterior, horizontal or vertical surfaces. Bomanite Toppings Systems offer endless possibilities to bring your vision to life.

Bomanite Grasscrete Systems

Grasscrete, a Bomanite Pervious Concrete System, is a cast-in-place, monolithic, pervious concrete pavement that is continuously reinforced to provide superior structural integrity. Bomanite Grasscrete is the green alternative to standard concrete surfaces providing a variety of landscape solutions while maintaining a sustainable green product design used for emergency access lanes, delivery access routes, overflow parking areas, and for intermittent drainage channels that help prevent erosion. Grasscrete can be used as an exposed utilitarian product for functional applications or as a concealed system with vegetation such as grass or native ground cover installed over the concrete. Grasscrete offers the ability to provide year-round access for a variety of applications requiring structural paving surfaces without compromising the aesthetics of the exterior landscaping, affording beauty with a truly sustainable, eco-friendly system to accommodate a variety of needs.

Bomanite Polishing Systems

The patented technology of the Bomanite Custom Polishing System, paired with our long-established color and craftsmanship, delivers the industry’s best concrete floor finish. One non-toxic, non-flammable, and odorless application delivers lustrous color, a beautiful impermeable sheen in finishes from satin to gloss, with permanent results. Bomanite Custom Polishing System offers exceptional resistance to slipping, abrasion, and impact, and maintenance requires simple cleaning. Bomanite Custom Polishing System is available only through a Licensed Bomanite Contractor trained and certified to install this finishing system.

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